How to fix Error messages in AOL Desktop Gold

  • AOL Desktop Gold has been a software which the users have profoundly been using for their daily desktop requirements. There are several efficient features that this software provides to the users. With the help of these features, this software was able to attain a huge customer base spread all across the globe. Even though they have been extremely efficient and capable, there have been several issues that the users came up with while using this software. There are numerous reasons for an error to come up in software, and most often these issues are displayed in the aspect of codes and words. There has hardly been any software in the market which is completely immune to glitches or snags. Most of these glitches and malfunctions can be avoided if the users install aol desktop gold from a trusted source. When the users face an issue with the AOL Desktop Gold software, they can easily troubleshoot the problem using some time and unique methods. The very primary thing that the users must keep in mind is that your system fulfills all the system requirements of the software. It is also advised that the user keep their software updated to keep any kind of snag at bay.

    Some common errors faced by users on AOL Desktop Gold

    Some of the most common errors that the users of AOL Desktop Gold encounter have been listed below for your reference:

    • Issue of AOL Desktop Gold updates not working.
    • Issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon disappearing from the desktop.
    • Issues faced on AOL Email.
    • Issue of not being able to print from AOL Desktop Gold.
    • Error while downloading AOL Desktop Gold/ Error code 104

    Simple methods to troubleshoot the common errors on AOL Desktop Gold

    The methods that the user of AOL Desktop Gold can take when they face an issue with the software is as given below:

    Decipher the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing

    • To solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop, the users can go the system tray which is available at the right-hand corner of the desktop.
    • Further, you can click on the arrow and then view the hidden icons. In the hidden icon locate the AOL Desktop icon and then drag it on to your desktop.
    • This would efficiently solve the issue of the missing icon.

    Solve the issue of AOL email errors

    • To solve the issue of AOL email errors, the users would have to make sure that their server and port settings are accurately setup on the system.
    • Ensure that the internet connection on your system is stable. The users can also clear the cookies, caches, and history.
    • They should also disable the firewall settings to ensure that there is no restriction.
    • Also, make sure that the browser that you are using is up to date.

    Solve password related issues

    • The user would have to navigate to the login page of AOL Email.
    • Now they would have to choose the option of ‘Forgot password.’
    • Further, they would have to select a recovery option and follow the on-screen instructions.
    • They would then have the ability to set a new password for their account.

    These are some of the issues which the users might have to face after they download aol gold desktop on their system. The troubleshooting methods are also very simple and would not require any additional assistance. The users can also connect with customer care in case they want any guidance.

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