Troubleshooting in AOL Desktop Gold

  • What is the expectation of people after they  download aol desktop gold on their system? Yes like everyone else they expect to browse the internet, manage their emails and play games from one place only but their expectation does not turn into reality because of the issues that are associated with it. These errors and warning messages can be easily solved if you follow this blog.


    How to troubleshoot issues in AOL Desktop Gold?


    Error 1- Unable to download AOL Desktop Gold

    If you are facing problem while downloading AOL Desktop Gold on your system then do the needful:

    • Scan your computer with antivirus to eradicate all the viruses and Trojans
    • Remove all the cache, cookies and temporary internet files from your PC.
    • Check the system requirement first then install the software

    Error 2- Login Issue

    If the login screen of AOL goes missing then at that time you should execute the following solution steps:

    • Clear the browsers cache and cookies data
    • You can use any other web browser to do the login
    • Make sure that your web browser is updated with the latest

    Error 3- AOL Desktop Gold is not working

    Even after clicking on AOL Desktop Gold the home page of the software does not open ups then you can fix it by following these steps:

    • Make sure your PC is updated, that is all the important update is installed on your system.
    • Active Scripting and Java Scripting should not be blocked
    • Try disabling ‘Adds on’ of your web browser

    Error 4- Icon of AOL Desktop Gold goes missing

    If the AOL Desktop Gold icon of your system goes missing or you are not able to locate it then these steps will help you in resolving the issue.

    • From the bottom right corner click to open system tray
    • Now you need to locate the icon of AOL Desktop Gold
    • If you are able to locate the icon then you have to create its shortcut by right-clicking on it.

    Error 5- Unable to update AOL Desktop Gold

    There are times when people witness a problem while updating their desktop software if you are also one of them then:

    • Just turn on the automatic update feature of your system
    • Also, check to verify that other software is not blocking your path of upgrading the software
    • Even the firewall is disabled too so that it cannot affect the updates

    Error 6- AOL Desktop Gold is running slow

    If your AOL Desktop Gold is running slow then you need to perform these steps to make it alright

    • Try restarting your system if you haven’t done recently
    • You need to enable only essential application during turning on of your system
    • Run antivirus for removing malicious viruses

    These are some of the common issues that people might face after they have aol desktop gold software on their desktop. So before you think to install this software just make some time and first read the system requirement and then begin the downloading process so as to avoid any kind of complication.

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