Problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold upgrade

  • The AOL Desktop Gold is an upgraded version of the AOL Desktop with better features and security updates. And sometimes while you are trying to update your desktop to AOL Desktop Gold, you might run into some update errors resulting in failure of the update. This problem is caused by faults in the computers, or the network or the router and sometimes it may be software related. So before you go ahead with the solution, you need to take into account all these possibilities and then only make the judgment. You need to follow the right steps when you Download AOL Desktop Gold as this software has three different plans through which you can download the software. And all these three plans come with different steps of downloading desktop gold. You can download it through the AOL advantage plan member, AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription and by using the link in the official AOL sign up confirmation email. But sometimes, even after you have followed the proper download steps and ways, you can still have issues in the upgrade and if you are looking to troubleshoot it, this blog will help you do that exactly.

    Before you Install AOL Desktop Gold you need to consider the system requirements as well. Make sure that you ave provided all the requirements then only proceed with the install. Now to begin troubleshooting, you can follow the steps below:

    • Make sure your router has an adjustable MTU setting and a supporting PPPoE connection.
    • To use PPPoE connection in AOL, you need to open the ‘new connection wizard’ and click next.
    • Now, click on the radio button near the ‘connect to internet’ option.
    • Follow it up by clicking the ‘set up my connection manually’ and after that click on the ‘connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and a password’ option.
    • When you click on ‘next’ you will have to enter the ISP name and proceed by giving an appropriate name and click ‘next’.
    • In this step, enter the username and the password and click ‘next’ again to finish the connection set up.
    • Finally, after you are done with the above steps, select the created network connection and enter the username and password to connect with the broadband.

    These are the steps that you need to apply in order to handle the upgrade issue from AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold. If you confront any technicalities or if you still can dissolve the issue, you may contact the online AOL customer service site to receive help from certified AOL experts.

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