AOL Gold Automatic update not working

  • In this world of rapidly growing technology, every now and then people encounter with new and advanced software’s. Among them is AOL Desktop Gold, which has become the most preferred software of the postmodern times. From the time it has been upgraded, people are now wishing to install it on their devices. It is one of the best software where you can access multiple things and you do not have bear the hassle of opening different software. It also comes with the feature of automatic updates, so you would not have to bother about it. Even though it provides with so many user-friendly benefits, but the dark side of this software is that it is also not free from technical snags, even though they are just minimal. The automatic update of this software may not work sometimes, and this can cause hassles. If you or your friend is facing the same issue, then you can move ahead install AOL Desktop Gold again or read this blog to know about the solution.

    Steps to resolve the automatic update error

    Step 1: Switch on your computer and click on the Start Menu. Now in the search menu, type update. You will get a variety of options, you will have to select the Windows update option.

    Step 2: Then move to the ‘change settings’, select it with a right a click and now choose the heading ‘important updates’. You now have to put a checkmark on the boxes of ‘Install update automatically’

    Step 3: Put a checkmark near the prompt that appears featuring recommended and important updates.  When the prompt appears saying

    Step 4: Save the changes, after the process has been completed.

    The automatic update feature in the AOL desktop gold software takes away the trouble of timely and manually system updates. So it becomes really important to resolve this error, otherwise, you will be troubled with pop notifications, for software updating. After you have saved the changes, you must check whether the automatic update feature is now working or not. If it is then you will now not be burdened with manual updates. But sometimes due to technical snags, the issue can reoccur many times. So it is advisable that if face this similar kind of problem in future, you take the assistance of experts or just AOL desktop gold download again by using the official site.

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