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    People think that after they install AOL Desktop Gold on their system their work is finished but they are wrong as they have to see that subscription does not get expired. And if you are one of those people whose subscription of download aol desktop has expired or you do not wish to reactivate their subscription then they should not be worried about how they will get hold of their emails and address book. In this blog, you will know how to access emails when you have inactive AOL Desktop Gold subscription.


    The steps which must be followed by the users to get hold of their old emails, address book as well as an attachment when they have their AOL Desktop Gold Subscription pending:


    1. How to access locally saved emails?


    One can easily access their saved emails which are stored locally on their older version of AOL desktop but it can be accessed in the read-only format.


    • Open the AOL gold software on your system but don’t log in
    • Now you need to choose the username for which you want to see the emails for from the login screen
    • After clicking on the icon of Read Mail, you can choose any folder so as to access your locally stored emails. And now you have the right to open it and read it.


    1. How to get Address Book contacts?


    Just follow the below-mentioned steps so as to get hold of your contacts


    • Go to the official website of AOL and login to your account entering the correct credential
    • Click on the option of Contacts to view Address Book


    1. How to access the downloaded email attachments?


    If you want to see or access the email attachment which you have downloaded then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:


    • Just select the username from the list of available user name present in the login screen of AOL Desktop Gold
    • Now you have to click on the File option that is on the top
    • And then just go to Download Manager and choose the attachment you want to open and then double click to open it.


    1. How can one make a backup of their locally stored emails?


    • Launch the software AOL Desktop Gold on your system but don’t sign it
    • Just click the username that is present in the drop menu and selects the username on which you want to work
    • After clicking on Read Mail icon you can choose any folder which is saved on your PC.
    • Now you just to open an email and then you need open the File Menu that is on the top of the screen
    • From their just to choose the option of Save to save the email by giving it a proper name by choosing the format.


    1. How to use AOL Mail for transferring emails?


    • Just logging to your AOL Mail by entering the correct username and password
    • And click to view inbox or compose to create any new email.


    By following this blog you can have access to your email data even if your AOL Desktop Gold subscription is expired. But if you are facing any kind of issue while fixing this then just reactivate the subscription. You can also try to Aol software download on your system by deleting the previous version.


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