The Facts to Consider while buying a New Smartphone

  • If your current cell phone can meet your all needs that is chatting or talking, occasional text messages and listening to music by MP3 player and also having the GPS system and doesn’t want to remain connect all the time through mails, tweets or wall posts or doesn’t need to edit documents and spreadsheet on the go then your current phone is ok to use. But if you want all the added features i.e. want or have to remain in touch then you can go for a smartphone. Because having all the features needed for modern lifestyle in one handy device is an obvious choice.
    After deciding the purpose for which you need a smartphone come the facts that should be check before selecting smartphone.

    Operating System:

    It’s the operating system that makes each smartphone distinct from each other. So you need to select the OS carefully to have the best of a smartphone.

    There are four most common operating systems for smartphones today. They are Google's Android system, Apple's iOS, Microsoft's Windows Mobile and Research in Motion's Blackberry OS. If you want lots of app with having web browsing simultaneously then you should neglect the Blackberry OS as the system is meant for efficient email services and web browsing. But it doesn’t mean that others are going to fulfill your needs.

    If you have selected Apple’s OS then you will face with the limitation of the OS being bounded within Apple’s mmstore hasselt. Android system is the most popular and preferred smartphone OS. They not only support a praiseworthy web browsing and e-mail services, but also have a number of apps that you want or wanted to have. The apps are downloadable from there Play store and most of them are free to download unlike Apple or Windows where most apps are charged. Beside this the OS is also available in a wide range of phones making it easily available. Windows OS phone are apt for you if you need to work on Word documents or Spreadsheets.


    There are mainly three processors-dual-core, quad-core and octacore processors. The performance of smartphone, most of the time, depends on the processors that the phone used. Like US based ARM have different core like Cortex A5, A7, A9, A12 and A15. When a system uses A15 it will work more efficiently and will be more advanced than a phone having A5. But often it is seen iPhone having dual-core processor is working more efficiently than a quad-core Android phone. So you should research well before zeroing on particular brand.

    Other Facts: RAM, Display & Memory

    The more RAM you have, the more it is better for you and your smartphone. In case of memory you should go for a smartphone that have a high memory capacity and will be able to hold your world as most of us carry our world in our phone. If you want to watch HD Movies in your phone you should go for a high memory like 32 GB. In case of display, a better screen size not only let you enjoy your favorite movie or not only let you to play your favorite game in best way but also let you operate the touch-screen efficiently. But also remember that a screen bigger than 5 inches could be uncomfortable to use with one hand and they are heavy and can be uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.

    The Best:

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