SMTP Relay Server Software - Benefits and Challenges

  • Email marketing has become extremely popular nowadays. It is a great tool for advertising your products and services in front of a targeted audience. It also serves as a continuous form of dialog between your customer and you by which they are tempted to get back to the website that you want them to. The better the response from your customers, the more encouragement you get for increasing the monthly sending limit of your emails.

    However, the SMTP mail server software may offer some serious challenge while sending emails to your customers. For instance, you discover that your mails are taking too long to be delivered, or in the worst scenario they are not getting delivered at all. If this is the case, you have to understand the mechanism behind this inconvenience. The SMTP relay server or the mail transferring agent (MTA) is the main sending engine for your bulk emails. This server decides the domains and the successful delivery for your outgoing mails. Without the help of this server your email will never reach its destination. When this server stops functioning properly, you receive un-delivered messages back to your inbox. Usually, this inconvenience occurs at the time of sending bulk emails.

    The root cause for this problem started with the increase in volume of sending emails for various marketing purposes. The problem first manifested in email communications meant for personal usage; they were not designed for handling bulk emails. Also, the inability of the SMTP relay server in adapting to the challenges of bulk delivery, made matters worse. These problems and challenges occurred in the form of email bounces, non-delivery of mails to definite domains, and inadequate support for proper email authentication.

    There can be many reasons for delivery related problems of your messages. The simple reason behind this problem is the lack of ability on the part of the SMTP relay server to take up the load for bulk messages. However, there are also some other complex technical issues behind this problem that needs to be sorted out for maintaining smooth transactions of mails. For instance, SMTP mail server software failing to deliver an email to a particular domain. This could just be the case of the ISP blacklisting your IP address. Again, this can happen due to several factors such as recipients of your mail complaining about the content of your messages, or the mails that you are sending are nothing but spam. It can also happen if your email sending rate exceeds the threshold limit set by the ISP.


    The blacklisting of your IP address happens when ISP detects your ID as a spammer. The ISP gives its verdict based on the sending patterns of your mails for a considerable period of time. Another common reason can well be the inclusion of invalid email IDs in your mailing list. If the ISP finds that you are sending messages to invalid email addresses on a regular basis, it will surely identify you as a spammer and strike off the IP address forever.

    Arslan Hassan is working for a SMTP service related company. So he has vast knowledge on SMTP relay server.