Bulk Email Marketing Is The Easy Way To Get Clients

  • Without bulk email marketing, no bulkresponse email marketing program is complete. Even more important, no Internet marketing program can hope to be effective without any bulk email marketing program.

    Despite all the problems caused by SPAM and even when it is clear that it has become harder than ever to effectively use email for marketing, bulk email marketing remains king and one of the most effective tools in any online marketer's arsenal.

    The reason is simple. The World Wide Web is a colossal jungle - and increasingly so - where it is easy to disappear and never get noticed. Only email, and more so bulk email marketing, can help a small entrepreneur attract some attention and have a fighting chance of being a success.

    Your online writing business is no exception to this rule and the single main reason why you do not have any clients yet is simply because you have not yet been able to attract enough attention. And most probably you have never used bulk email marketing.

    Bulk Email Marketing Only Works With Opt-in Lists

    The reason why most folks ignore bulk email relay marketing is simply because the moment you mention it, most people think of SPAM. SPAM or mass unsolicited email is illegal, but bulk email marketing is perfectly legal. The difference is that in legal bulk email marketing; only opt-in email lists are used. In short this means that the people receiving your email have all opted to do so.

    Does Anybody Read Bulk Email Marketing?

    Which brings us to the next question. Why would somebody opt to receive email that everybody else does not want? Actually the only way this can happen is if the stuff being emailed is highly targeted and of great interest to the receiver. This happens when the opt-in email list is compiled from people who have already shown a deep enough interest in the subject to visit a certain web site. People are basically interested in things for selfish reasons which as a good marker you will have to identify and address, if you hope to meet your objectives.

    In our case here it is rather easy and straightforward to identify what it is that our potential market wants. As an online writer, you are providing quality content, which is critical in helping anybody make money online. So the way to attract traffic to your articles, blogs or web sites is to talk about how your client can make more money by using your content. It's really as simple as that. Once you start generating this kind of traffic, all you need to do is find a way to harvest emails from folks who would like to be regularly updated on this subject. If you stay focused on your subject and your prospect's motivation and provide interesting and genuinely useful information, your emails will be read eagerly and enthusiastically. This is the only way to make bulk email marketing effective for your online writing business.

    Bulk Email Marketing Will Attract Repeat Visits And Business

    Using bulk email marketing to attract attention to your articles on online writing is the most effective way to turn prospects into clients. Let's face it; it is highly unlikely that somebody visiting your site for the first time will give you business. It happens but it is rare. What is more likely to happen is that a regular visitor gets more and more familiar with your blog or site and on the seventh visit or so, decides to try you out.

    Bulk email marketing is the most effective way of ensuring those valuable repeat visits.

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