10 Proven-To-Work Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Con

  • When it comes to one of the most effective ways to generate a huge income on the Internet, nothing beats email marketing - The reason being that, with email marketing, you are selling to your subscribers' list, with which you have already developed a close relation with, and the likelihood is high that your subscribers are likely to trust your product recommendations and make a purchase.

    As profitable as email marketing may seem to be, you need to put in some initial hard work to build your subscribers' list, and as well as build rapport and relationship with your subscribers.

    Not only that, how you actually market to your subscribers also play a part on whether or not you will be able to generate huge amounts of profits with every single email that you send out.

    In this article, I am going to share with you 10 proven-to-work email marketing tips that will help to increase your email marketing conversion rates (this is where your subscribers, upon reading your promotional email, clicks on the link within the email and makes a purchase).

    1. Do Not SPAM

    SPAM is illegal in many countries including the United States.

    Even ethically, SPAM irritates your customers.

    2. Do Not Use Words That Invite SPAM

    You may be surprised to see your mails in spam folder even though your content is clear.

    It may be because of use of words that you use in your email messages that are considered spam, such as "free", "freebie", "discount", "offer", etc.

    3. Do Not Use Free Email Account

    Though you can, you do not use free email account in your email marketing campaigns - The number one reason is because it looks really unprofessional. Not only that, emails sent from free email accounts may end up in your subscribers' spam folder (instead of in the inbox, where it should be)


    What you should do instead is to buy a domain name that is related to the niche that you are in (which costs less than $10 every year) and set up a professional email account.

    4. Build Your Own Opt-In List

    Never ever buy a subscribers' list from someone else. There is very little (or many a times even zero chance) for you to generate any money from this subscribers' list that you have purchased.

    Instead, what you should do is to start building your own opt-in list from scratch, and start sending mails only when you have the permission of your subscribers.

    Unsolicited emails tend to be labeled as spam. Make a squeeze page and do not forget to offer freebies like free e-books and other exciting offers to your subscribers who have opted to receive mails from you.

    5. Make Use Of Autoresponder Service

    While there are free autoresponder services that you can make use of for your email marketing efforts, you would not want to use them - As most of them, when they send out emails to your subscribers, it comes along with advertisements, and looks very unprofessional.

    Not only that, these free autoresponder service providers do not have any guarantees as to whether your email messages will get delivered to your subscribers.

    Instead, you will want to use a paid autoresponder service such as Aweber or GetResponse - Not only for the fact that it is totally ad free, but also they will ensure that your email messages get delivered to your subscribers.

    6. Understand The Requirements Of Your Customers

    If you want to generate maximum profits from your subscribers' list, you need to give your subscribers what they want.


    What you can do is to explicitly find out from them their concerns (in the niche you are in), and you can provide solutions to them in a form of recommending suitable products and services that will help address their concerns.

    That way, you can be rest assured that these subscribers will be more than willing to take out their wallets and make a purchase of these products and services (that you recommend), simply because you told them that it will help address their concerns.

    7. Refrain From Bombarding Your Subscribers' Email Account

    Unless absolutely necessary, refrain from sending more than one email to your subscribers in a given day.

    When it comes to the best time frame to send an email to your subscribers, you can send an email to them once every 3 to 4 days.

    8. Personalize Your Emails

    Send mails in your own name and address the customers with their first name. By doing feel, they will have the feeling that they are actually receiving emails from a friend (rather than from a marketer).

    Doing so will definitely should feel they are receiving mails from a friend. They are more likely to buy when they perceive you as a friend.

    9. Give out valuable information

    Give, give and give. Dole out valuable information and useful advice to your members. This will help build a relationship with your subscribers. Make sure the information is related to your niche and useful for the customers.

    10. Interact regularly

    Pass on offers and other benefits to your customers. Do not wait till you have an offer. Tell them about exciting offers and good products available on other sites. This way, you will win their trust.

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