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    Arlo has been regarded as the best providers for security cameras installed with multiple useful features. The cameras are designed to monitor the activities going on and help you to maintain your security. The security camera can be set up in an office, house, and restaurant or wherever you want and it will keep on recording the activities that are going on. The Arlo security device basically acts as a CCTV camera that can record the footage with a video quality of 720p. One of the useful features of this device is that it gets backed up the Arlo app, which the users can install in their smartphones and keep a check on the activities going inside the premises from anywhere. There is an endless number of advantages that one can associate with this device. You can have a look at some of them that have been mentioned below and enjoy the same, by installing the device in your premises. In case you need any kind of advice on this device, then you can always get in touch with Arlo contact number and have a word with the techies

    Feature of Arlo Security Camera

    These features that have been instilled in this security camera makes it worthwhile.

    • Comes with wireless setup
    • Automatic night vision gets activated
    • Monitoring through smartphone applications for both Android and iOS.
    • Can be used outdoors as it is waterproof with a rating IR65
    • Doesn’t need a technician for installation and setup
    • Cloud storage of 1 GB absolutely free for 7 days.

    What is the duty of an Arlo Base station?

    An Arlo base station is a device that connects the Arlo and the Arlo pro-wire-free security cameras to the Wi-Fi network. It is something that is really important and plays a crucial role in connecting the wireless devices and initiating the setup. The base station also helps in getting access to a wide range of connectivity and provides strong battery backup. Since the device needs to be connected to the wireless network, so in order to work it needs to stay online. But sometimes it gets encountered with some issues and one of them that has been brought up quite often is Arlo base station offline issue. Due to this snag, the footage cannot be recorded and the camera won’t work properly. You need to fix this issue on an urgent basis and bring it back to the online mode. But before you do so, take a look at the possible reasons behind this error.

    Plausible reasons behind Arlo Base Station Offline Issue

    Slow internet connection- Sometimes due to a weak internet connection, the Arlo base station starts showing an offline error. You need to fix the internet troubles or call your Wi-Fi service provider if required

    Router’s firmware trouble- If the firmware of the router has not been updated, then this issue can occur. Update the firmware first and then try connecting

    The Arlo Base station was not properly configured-If at the starting, the base station was not configured properly with the device and the router, then this can be another reason behind the issue.

    How to fix Arlo Base Station Offline issue?

    Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can execute for resolving the issue.

    Verify the proper connection of Ethernet cable- If the cable has not been connected properly, then this error is bound to occur. Ensure that the cable has been tightly secured to both the base station and the router

    Check the Power adaptor- Make sure that the power adaptor of the base station has been properly connected to the main power supply and the connections are not loose.

    Verify ports 443 and 80- The ports 443 and 80 should be open at your router

    Reboot/Powercycle the base station- To do this, just switch off the main power supply of the base station, unplug the adaptor. Wait for some time and plug it back again. When the light has turned green, it means that the issue has been resolved.

    Reset Arlo Base station- If none of the methods prove effective, then you can reset Arlo Base station and once done, you need to put it to its default value and after that reconfigure it.

    You can execute all the troubleshooting steps in order to extract the maximum benefit out of the security camera. And if you need any more information, you can take assistance from Arlo tech support.


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