Sunscreen gives you a charming wheat muscle

  • Women in Taiwan are usually very afraid of black, but occasionally when they look at the beach, they will find many foreigners lying down, strong chest muscles, abdominal muscles, biceps, oily brightening sunscreen preparation for sunbathing, heartbeat In the moment, have you ever thought about the feeling of helping the sunburn?

    There are two kinds of sun-dried agents commonly used by foreigners. If you know them all the time, you won’t buy them wrong! One is a suntan lotion that needs to be sun-baked to deepen the color, the other is a colorant that does not require the sun, and the toner is biased toward the self-staining agent (Self Tanner), and the film often appears to buy the wrong color and wipe it in the face. Darker is self-tanner.

    Here we will mainly introduce the principle of suntan lotion. "Coating agents" mainly add two major types of ingredients, one is to prevent UVB to prevent sunburn, and the other is to increase the skin's penetration of UVA, activate melanocytes in cells, and accelerate the production of melanin. Let the skin darken.

    Although there are already some SPF ingredients added in the sun, Taiwan Sunshine is very enthusiastic, so the Ministry of Health and Welfare also strongly recommends that you apply some sunscreen before the sun to protect the skin, and do not expose the sun for too long. It is a good choice to divide the sun.

    Supplementary knowledge: UV can be divided into UVC (100-280nm), UVB (at 280-320nm), UVA (320-400nm), and sunburn. The main sunburn is "UVA" and "UVB". UVA mainly causes the skin to tanning and aging. Because of the longest wavelength, the penetrating power is the strongest, and it can penetrate the glass and plastic to reach the room. The energy of UVB is strong, which mainly causes sunburn of the skin and is more likely to cause skin cancer. But the penetration is slightly worse.

    But although the sunscreen is very effective for wanting to have wheat muscle, pay special attention to a few points.
    1. Bathe before applying the sunscreen, remove the keratin to make the color even;
    2. Sweating will take away the sunscreen, making you quite uneven (laugh);
    3. It is not recommended that everyone choose to go to the beach at noon to go to the sun. If the energy is too strong, you will not have wheat muscle first, and you will get sunburn first!