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    AOL Desktop Gold has been considered as the flawless and perfect blend of all the things that you can find at one place. Being a user-friendly software, it offers its users with the promise of speed, reliability, and newer and better updates. It is a software that makes it easy for you to allow all the things at one place, without creating hassles to look at different sites. You just now don’t need to open miscellaneous software’s for different things, when AOL desktop gold can serve all your purpose. By upgrading itself from AOL desktop to AOL desktop gold, it has also upgraded its features. It is now loaded with enhanced security features, the look has changed and it has become more user-friendly. If you have recently updated your software and has an inclination towards playing games, then this blog can serve the right purpose for you. AOL desktop gold provides you with the exciting gaming experience that you can feel whenever you feel like. This blog will lead you to step by step on how you can play games in this software. And if at any point, you feel that you need any kind of skilled guidance, then make sure that you contact the AOL customer care number.


    Now you can play games ranging from board games, card games, puzzles, and much more. It provides you with many games to choose from so that you don’t get bored. Every time you can enjoy playing a new game or just  continue with the old one.  Find out how you can enjoy this experience by following a few easy steps:


    1. Search for the games icon on your window screen and select it
    2. Now a range of games will appear, browse through it.
    3. Select the game, by a double click that you want to play and have fun.


    If a few of the games don’t load, then you might have to try opening AOL desktop gold from a different software.


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    If the AOL Desktop Gold doesn’t load the games properly or proves to be a hindrance even if you have tried working on different software, then it is advisable to contact the AOL Desktop Gold Support Number, where all your technical hazards will be solved by the experts.


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