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    There can be several times when a user doesn’t feel the need to keep an account or to use it for future purposes and wishes to delete it permanently. The reasons may vary from person to person. Many users often tend to delete or cancel the accounts after the free trial method has been ended and they are required to pay for it. If they presume that they will not be needing any particular program or software, they delete it as it is of no use to them. The users who have downloaded the Update Desktop AOL Gold in their operating system are very well aware that they need to pay a certain amount to use it. But did you know that you can access your AOL email Id, even after you have cancelled your account? If not, then you can read this blog and get to know the procedure of cancelling the AOL Gold account.


    Before you proceed further and make a firm decision of cancelling the AOL Gold subscription, you should be made aware with the following details, so that you can prepare everything beforehand and make sure that no issues and complications are landed on you.

    • If you wish to cancel your AOL account in the middle of the billing cycle, then you can access the account till the time your current subscription ends.
    • The AOL Gold has the authority to charge some amount or any cost incurred before the cancelling process comes into action.


    You can cancel the paid plan and try using the free version and have access to your AOL email and other websites related to AOL Gold. To understand how it is done just go through the steps given below:

    • Visit the official page of AOL gold by going to the Enter to open the page and provide with your Username and password to sign in into the account.
    • After you have been successfully logged in to the page, choose the option of My Services and then select subscriptions
    • After that select ‘Manage’ which is available just right next to the plan that you would like to cancel.
    • Before starting with the cancellation process, the website will ask you to verify your account. Follow the prompts as directed and finish the process.
    • After that, select the option to ‘Cancel’ the account.
    • You will be asked to specify a reason for cancelling the account. A drop-down menu will open, just select or type the reason that why do you wish to cancel the account.
    • Once done, just hit enter and your AOL Gold account will be cancelled.


    In the case in the future run, you wish to again subscribe to the paid version of AOL Gold account or face any issues in cancellation, you can always reach out to the AOL Gold Update and reach out to the professionals for help.