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    AOL: McAfee multi-access on a PC

    The McAfee multi-access is a feature that comes with the AOL advantage plan. This is a free software provided by AOL to give your system the optimum solution against online malware and virus. With this software, you will be provided with five licenses so that you can access it on different computers and mobile devices. For AOL users with the advantage plan, this is an added bonus since it is free. And so far, people have been enjoying this software to the fullest. The only thing that is an issue is the ‘install and uninstall of McAfee multi-access on a PC’ which has been addressed by new users who have recently availed this feature. So in order to help those who require the steps, this blog has been fabricated. So hang around if you want to know how to proceed with the steps. You can also contact and consult with the executives at the official AOL customer support site if you want help from a more reliable source.

    Before you begin to install McAfee Multi Access, you must check the system requirements to install McAfee multi-access on your PC. Your PC must have an Internet Explorer 10 or higher, a high-speed internet connection and a 2 GB RAM for people with Windows 7 and above.

    How to install McAfee multi-access on PC

    • Go to the AOL McAfee Multi-Access site and click on the ‘get protected’ option.
    • You need to select the PC first then proceed to download.
    • Click on the ‘agree and download’ button after reading the license agreement page.
    • Note down the serial number which will be displayed on the screen and wait for the file to download and once it does, double-click on it to start the installation.

    How to uninstall McAfee multi-access on PC.

    To uninstall McAfee multi-access, follow the steps below:

    • You must first download the MCRP tool from the site.
    • Save this file either on the desktop or to a folder of your choosing.
    • Now locate the file on the PC and double-click to start installing.
    • Allow the software to make changes to the computer by clicking ‘yes’.
    • In the McAfee software removal window, click next and agree to the end user license agreement policy and click ‘next’ again.
    • Enter the letters in the security validation window and proceed.
    • The tool will now initiate the removal process of the software.
    • After it has removed the McAfee multi-access, click the ‘restart’ button.

    These are the steps associated with the install and uninstall of McAfee multi-access. If you require any technical supervision you can go to the official AOL customer service site.