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  • AOL icon not responding

    AOL gold provides amazing features and services to its users yet AOL gold users sometimes come across issues. “Icon not responding” is one of those problems AOL gold users commonly deal with. This problem can be very frustrating because due to this you won’t be able to access AOL gold stuff and won’t be able to do your work.

    To fix this issue without going through any difficulty, you can call on to AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall or read this blog carefully. You will know all the details of this problem. Whether it is the reason or the solution to this issue.

    Cause of “AOL gold Icon not responding” issue:

    AOL gold icon missing issue can occur just due to some little mistakes. So, always be careful while using AOL gold. Let’s look at some reasons behind this issue:

    • Improper installation of AOL gold software files.
    • Due to virus or malware attack
    • Due to some damage and corrupt AOL gold files and drivers.
    • Many running programs
    • System requirement for using AOL gold software is not fulfilled.

    These are some common reasons due to which sometimes AOL gold icon doesn’t respond to any command. But you can fix this problem by some simple troubleshooting techniques.

    How to fix AOL gold icon not responding issue?

    This issue is not a complex problem. You can solve this issue with these simple techniques.

    1. Proper installation: For this process, you have to perform the reinstallation process, which includes the uninstallation of AOL gold software and Install AOL Gold Desktop
    2. Full system scan:With an Anti-Virus, you should perform a full system scan to remove any virus or suspicious file available on the computer.
    3. Remove corrupt and damaged files:Make sure you clear all the corrupt, damaged and unnecessary files from your computer.
    4. Close all running programs:Many programs running at the same time can cause a RAM space shortage. So close all the running programs and try to open AOL again.
    5. System requirement:Make sure your computer meets with every specification AOL gold software need. Your computer should have a RAM size more than 1GB, screen resolution 1024X768 and Windows 7 or higher.

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    This was all about the AOL gold Icon missing issue. You can solve that issue by above-given techniques. But in case if you fall into any technical issue with AOL gold, make sure to call on AOL customer support number and get the best possible solution of your problem.