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    It is common and known to everyone that timely updates of apps and software are necessary in order to ensure the smooth and healthy performance of the device or product. Same is the case with AOL apps. The users and customers should ensure the timely update of this app so that it will remain compatible with your phone operating system. The newly upgraded version of the AOL app requires it to be updated to version 5.2 or later. If you are still using the older version of the AOL app then it will not allow you to sign in. And the software required for iOS phones is 9.3 or higher. If it is any lower than the given requirements then the phone will not allow the update to be downloaded.  Update of AOL app is important because it allows you to access your stuff through the app. Although it is to be noted that users will not lose any email contents or contacts if they do not update their app to the latest version. It is just advisable that you do so. For More Info Click Here: install aol desktop gold

    To ensure the continuity of the AOL app in your iOS make sure that the above-mentioned requirements are provided. And if you are looking for steps on how to update your AOL app then refer to the following steps below:

    First, check if your AOL app is in the latest updated version.

    To check this, open the AOL app on your phone.

    Go to the settings menu.

    And under support select ‘about the AOL app’. The current version will be shown under this option.

    Open the app from your phone.

    In the search bar type in ‘AOL’ and search.

    You will be shown a list of AOL features and services. Select ‘AOL: news email weather video’.

    Press the ‘update’ button.

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    These steps will help you to know your current AOL app version and guide you to update the app properly and seamlessly without any complications in the middle.

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