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    Every user of AOL Desktop Gold is very well aware of the benefits of such an amazing software. But there are some glitches involved too. Most of the time, this desktop program

    works perfectly well but it causes problems for the users too. This post will put light on two main issues that are confronted by the users while using this program. But before

    that, you are required to update AOL Gold to the newest version so that there will be no problems later on.

    Issue 1: Fixing ‘this page has moved’ message

    When you are using AOL Gold to sign into your AOL Account and the error message appears then there is no need to get confused. This simply means that the particular page is in

    the updating process. If you got this message for the first time and then you can try these –

    Navigate to the official AOL website

    Tap on login into your AOL Gold account

    Type in your username and click on next

    Enter your password when prompted and then click on sign in

    Issue 2: Resolving issues with composing or sending emails

    Through AOL Gold, users can also access their AOL Emails. But if you are having difficulties in doing so then you can try the given troubleshooting options.

    Clear the cache, cookies, and history of the browser

    If there is any popup blocking software present in the device, try to disable it for a temporary period

    Check the status of your firewall and confirm that it is enabled and has the latest version

    Open AOL Desktop on some other browser

    Close all the tabs and application in use and restart your device

    You can also check with the network connection

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    There are other issues too that can be sorted out with the general troubleshooting on the users end only. As such they do not require any expert assistance. But if any of the

    above-given problems persist then users are advised delete and then install AOL Gold on their device so there will be minimum chances of the glitches in near future. Users are

    advised to check the minimum requirements before getting the software on the device.


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