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  • Update your Adobe Flash Player for AOL Desktop Gold

    A flash player is a software application that basically focusses on viewing the multimedia content such as audios and videos. It is a software that can be compatible with the Windows, Mac or Android Operating system and can be downloaded and installed in the Desktop and is also supported on the mobile devices. It is capable of opening those software contents which run on some highly advanced technology. The AOL Desktop Gold flash player also caters towards the same goal allowing you to run or stream watch multi-media content run other files on the system. There can be some issues with AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player and they can be rectified by employing the basic troubleshooting steps. This blog will deal with a few of the common snags that you can face with this software application and will also provide its best to provide you with a guaranteed and workable solution.

    There are few snags that can be related with AOL Desktop Gold Flash Player. Have a look at them, before stepping forward to know about their solutions:

    • The Flash Player doesn’t work on AOL
    • Download or installation issues
    • Errors occurring even after Flash Player updates
    • The AOL Desktop Gold is not able to detect the Flash player
    • Only the AOL videos do not play with Flash player, rest work absolutely fine.

    Since you now have an idea about some obstacles and drawbacks with AOL Gold Flash player, you can now take a look at some of the solutions.

    Question 1. How to resolve the issue when the My AOL Desktop Gold stopped working  is not able to detect the Flash player?

    Answer 1. You can employ the given solution to fix this bug and get rid of it as soon as possible:

    • Navigate to the browser that you use for opening the AOL Gold. Press the windows key on the keyboard or directly click on the Windows icon on the Desktop.
    • Then opt for Tools>Compatibility view.
    • Under the compatibility view settings, enter the URL of AOL, under the ‘Add the website’ section and click on Add button.
    • Checkmark all the boxes and save the changes.
    • If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then download and install the Adobe Flash Player

    Question 2. What to do if you can’t update the Flash player in Windows 10?

    Answer 2. Having troubles in updating the Flash player in windows 10 version? Don’t worry, get the error fixed by these easy steps:

    • Open the Adobe Flash Player Installation Page and choose the system’s operating system.
    • Go to Control panel, then on system and security and further select system to known about the current windows version.
    • Once found, choose the option to download and further on complete the installation.

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    Even though this blog doesn’t deal with all of the issues, so you can always reach out to the AOL Desktop Gold customer care number and have a live chat with the technical experts getting instant solutions. They will be able to assist you on any matter of concern related with the Flash player problems or more.


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