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  • Unable to Print from within AOL Desktop Gold


    AOL Desktop Gold has made its name by being a favorite of all the users across the globe. It has fascinated the users by being a blend of such amazing and enticing traits, that when someone starts using this software, it becomes really difficult for the person to switch. You can explore a variety of things by installing AOL Desktop software in your device. It provides with a wide range of possibilities ranging from web browsing, playing games, streaming videos and printing the pages directly through this software. It is considered one of the most famous and popular product by its parent company AOL. After being updated to the AOL Desktop Gold version in the year 2017, it is now encrypted with security features and other advancements by keeping the previous look intact. By launching the AOL Desktop Gold icon, the company has made the lives of the users much easier, as they can access this software by clicking on the desktop icon.


    Solved: Download AOL Desktop Gold

    With the presence of so many features and traits in the AOL Desktop Gold software, sometimes some errors are bound to take place. They can be avoided many times, and when the error seems to be unavoidable, one should always search for an appropriate solution. One of the errors that can occur in this software is the printing issues, which can prove to be quite frustrating sometimes. The situation of unable to print from AOL Gold can arise any time and usually occur due to a defective printer, outdated software or some conflicting programs. If not rectified quickly, it can create troubles. The steps that can help to fix the printing error has been given below:

    Ways to resolve the error:

    • Try to ensure that your printer is accepting commands and printing while receiving them from another program: Try printing a test page by typing anything on the Microsoft Word and give the regular print command. If you are able to receive the appropriate output, then there is something faulty with the AOL software. You can uninstall the software once and install it back again.
    • Delete all the commands from the printer Spool: Make sure that you have no printing jobs left in the spool. If you are trying to print something, just stop and delete all the pending prints and cancel the pending documents.
    • Update the device driver or the AOL Gold software: Update the AOL Desktop Gold software to its recent version and also the device driver to make your desktop run properly.


    Solved:  Reset AOL Password


    The instructions will surely prove beneficial for you and you will be able to rectify the error related to the printing jobs. If you find that they do not work for you, then it is recommended that you get avail technical help from AOL Desktop Gold Software Team. For future references, just ensure that whenever you work with this software you always download it from the official website.


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