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    AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 – Causes and How to Fix Them

    When you are using AOL Desktop Gold you will notice certain errors here and there. And these errors are usually technical and it will surface with time. Errors and problems with software and technological appliances are inescapable so you need to know how you can fix these problems by knowing the signs and reasons behind it. Error code 104 is a very prominent error that happens when a person is trying to AOL Desktop Gold which leads to a sudden halt in the software setup file which leaves the file broken or corruptedAnd in order to fix this error, you must know the reasons and symptoms behind the manifestation of this error code. So to help you with the dilemma of its occurrence, this blog has been initiated. It contains all the signs and reasons for the AOL Desktop Gold error code 104.

    Signs for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104.

    Whenever you are using desktop gold, you will know that you are having an error code 104 crisis when:

    • The AOL error code 104 gets displayed on the screen.
    • Your computer screen freezes suddenly for some few seconds.
    • The already running and opened AOL windows will run very solely and perform in a sluggish manner.
    • You will also have a problem with your mouse cursor nor responding well to any command and movement.

    Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

    You would be surprised to know that the reason behind this error is many. And the reasons have been listed below for your knowing:

    • One of the first and foremost reasons behind the occurrence of this error is the download of corrupted files of AOL Desktop Gold. These broken files can create a disturbance or damage the software and your computer internally. So it is very important that you handle the error instantly.
    • It is also because of a corrupt windows registry system that is caused due to your recent browsing and download activity.
    • It is also caused by the presence of harmful malware and virus in your computer system which can pose a threat to the software files.
    • It also happens due to improper and when you incompletely aol desktop gold install

    These are the signs and reasons you should be aware of while handling this error so that you will be able to handle the problem correctly and carefully.

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