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  • How to Restore a missing AOL Desktop Gold icon

    AOL gold users from around the globe have been enjoying the many advantages and benefits of the desktop program ever since its launch. It has many great features and perks which has attracted countless customers to download the software. And although it has many security and protection features, sometimes it cannot prevent errors and problems from happening. One such problem is the case of the missing AOL Desktop Gold icon. You will know it when you are unable to find it on the desktop screen nor the system tray folder or the hidden icons folder. This problem is very common and it is most likely that everyone who uses this software will come across it one day or the other. So if you want to know how to prevent this from happening, you can contact the customer care service of AOL.

    To restore back the missing AOL gold icon you can either opt for the basic troubleshooting method or the advanced one. It depends on whether the basic methods help with the recovery. If it doesn’t, you should go for the advanced methods.

    Solution 1: Delete harmful software.

    • Download or use any available PC scanner tool that you have on your system.
    • Click on the anti-virus icon to start the scan. After the scan is complete, you will see a list of all harmful threats.
    • Delete these files by clicking right on the file names and selecting ‘delete’ to remove it from the system.
    • Refresh and restart your computer and check if the missing icon has been restored.

    If this basic troubleshooting method does not help solve the problem, proceed to the advanced method below.

    Method 2: Disable the Task Scheduler.

    This application removes broken or corrupted files from the system so it could be the reason why your AOL icon keeps disappearing.

    • Go to programs from the start menu and select ‘accessories’.
    • Under accessories, select ‘system tools’ to open the task scheduler.
    • You see a ‘tree’ icon on the left panel, click it and select the Microsoft folder.
    • Follow this up by clicking on Windows then ‘Diagnosis’ to open the schedule.
    • Choose the available schedules and disable them clicking right on their names and choosing the disable button.

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    By carrying out these two methods, you will be able to restore the missing icon back on the desktop. If you require any assistance, you can contact to how to install aol desktop gold to avail guidance from certified AOL employees.

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