All About Baby Teething

  • Babies pass through several stages, and we love to enjoy and capture every single moment. Teething is one such stage that is enjoyable and painful as well for them. Here in this article, we have discussed all about baby teething so that you can handle the stage properly.

    The proper time of baby teething is from age 6 to 13 months. Actually, the teeth start developing when they are in mother’s womb. But they take some time to break through and finally appear at the age of six months. The first teeth to come out are the bottom two middle teeth and the upper two middle teeth. Next, all the side teeth will start appearing one by one. Teeth develop till the age of 3 years. And then again they start falling.

    Baby teething signs:

    So, how you will understand that your baby is teething? There are several signs for that. These are listed below.

    • Fussiness: Your little one will get irritated for no such reason. They will become cranky for no such reasons.
    • Drooling: this is another thing that you will notice in your baby. Baby drooling is very common when they start teething. So, get ready for that.
    • Trouble sleeping: Baby will find difficulty in sleeping as they will suffer from the gum pain.
    • Refuse to eat: This is also very common of the teething process. Babies will refuse to eat due to the pain in gum or swollen gum.


    Baby teething remedies:

    • If your baby has already started eating solid foods, then you can offer him cold food as it will offer good feeling to them.
    • Offer them teething ring or rubber ring. They will chew the ring and will get some relief. Teething ring is available in the kid store.
    • You can simply rub your finger at the baby gum area as well. It will relief the pain for some time.

    However, it does not require any such medicine. But, if you are feeling the situation a bit worse, you can definitely consult your doctor to have any pain relief medicine.

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