• The CompTIA CDIA+ professional will be able to understand the growing needs and decide on the scalability. They have to take into consideration the necessary service levels for maintenance. The Comp TIA CDIA+ certified expert will evaluate the document process and will explain the document characteristics, capacity, quantities and different data that verifies the storage requirements and growth estimates.

    It is the responsibility of the CompTIA CDIA+ professional to develop specific requirements for documents. They must understand when the backfile or data conversion/ migration is needed. The professionals have to maintain the records of current storage management and come up with new solutions to address these. They have to determine the workflow rules and output requirements. The CompTIA CDIA+ professional provides alternative recommendations for document preparation. They understand specific retrieval needs and system requirements to support retrieval.

    The professional must record all the information gathered at the time of the collection phase and get the users acceptance and validation towards them. They have to understand the documents preparation requirements, user interactions, determine paper handling and disposal process. The Comp TIA CDIA+ certification takes care of the informal aspects of the business process. It helps the candidates to recognize the current technology and determine an appropriate record storage management process and solutions. The professionals have to harden internal systems, services, and DHCP servers.

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