VoIP Engineer

  • The Roles of VoIP network Engineer take account of dealing all engineering assignments for VoIP enterprises, planning technology roadmaps, and designing all VoIP/IP-PBX telephone devices along with services, both internal and external requirements for an organization. Also, the VoIP Engineer instruction will be to keep SLAs for all organizational IP telephony applications.

    Engineers coordinate with technicians and execute installation along with relocations of several technology solutions within the network.

    They analyze customer requisite for advanced services and coordinate with companies and develop suitable voice solutions for clients.

    Usually, the job duties differ in many organizations for VoIP Engineers. However, a standard VoIP Engineer job description includes the following attributes to complete the organizational objectives:

    • Plan the specified designs per customer’s requirements and deliver quick enterprise solutions.
    • Provide support for SIP- and TDM-based software installations with enhanced media gateways.
    • Troubleshoot voice services for all LAN and WAN hardware components, and configure correct communication media segments.
    • Perform lab testing, design, and architecture work.
    • Track competent working multifaceted projects.
    • Ensure compliance to infrastructure standards.

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