How To Activate And Use Norton Spam Filtering?

  • Spam is the electronic equivalent of junk mail & junk phone calls. It is not only an unwanted & infuriating nuisance; it’s also a pervasive issue that’s clog & overwhelms the Internet’s email systems. Spam accounts for around 80 percent of global email dimensions. It is worse than junk messages & calls. Well, it is simply unwanted but legitimate advertising, much of it is worse.

    To avoid any prevalent spam threats lets learn the process of spam filtering with activate. Spam filtering is an amazing feature permitting users to manage the spam emails that you do not receive more.

    Enable Norton Spam filtering using these steps:

    • Firstly, make sure that the Norton Product is put in on your system properly.
    • Open Norton’s Dashboard on your system.
    • On the home screen/dashboard, click “Settings’.
    • Under the settings options, select Anti-Spam.
    • Confirm your selection by moving the slider to show ‘ON’ the Anti-Spam, under the Filter tab.
    • Once you have the confirmation, click Apply.
    • Hit the OK button now to save the changes so that they can be applied.

    Disable the spam filtering with these instructions:

    • Head to the Settings option to select Anti spam from the list.
    • Under the filter button, Use the slider to turn OFF anti-spam.
    • Once you set it on OFF position, you will see a service request window pop up.
    • Pick out the duration of disabling the setting from the appeared menu. Norton Spam filtering can be turned off for that selected time period.
    • Once the changes are saved, close the Norton dashboard.

    For any further info regarding Spam filtering, you can connect to the certified experts. They will help you in resolving any issue related to or activation of any product. You will be happy to connect with the specialists as they use the user-friendly services and provide satisfactory resolutions. Your issue will be given complete attention and resolved in the shortest period of time. So, do not wait for any minor glitch to become major. Get the top-notch resolutions and enjoy safe surfing & access to any device.

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