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    Before you proceed with the steps to download AOL Gold on iPhone, you need to know the basic system requirement of the software. In order to download and install AOL desktop Gold on your iPhone, it must have an iOS 9.3 or higher or else you will have technical complications during the download process. Basically to reinstall aol desktop gold you have three way to do so. One is being an Advantage Plan member, the second is through an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription and lastly through the link sent to you in the official AOL sign up confirmation mail. This all-in-one desktop software has many advantages and benefits including premium internet security and many more amazing features. You can see it for yourself by downloading the software through any of the mentioned steps above or you can talk to the official representatives at the 24x7 AOL customer service.

    Before you download this software to your system you need to make sure that it can run on your device by checking the system requirements first and then proceeding with the steps. Follow the instructions given below to download the software to your iPhone:

    First, open any web browser and go to the official AOL site.

    Choose the Operating System that you have and click on download.

    After downloading the file, locate its file in the ‘downloads’ folder and run it on your device.

    And you can continue to Agree to the terms and conditions to start the installation process

    These are the steps that are needed to download the file to the device and also to install it on your iPhone. If this does not work for you, or if you run into any technical glitches or snags, you can get in touch with the experts at the AOL Desktop Gold customer service number site where you will get an access to all the answers and solutions you need. This service number is available at any time of the day as it operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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