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    Making a group is always better, isn’t it? It saves a lot of time, confusion, mistake and what not. Be it any social media site or a professional emailing browser. You need to have a better way to interact with people. And with AOL Desktop Gold mails you now have a better way to send your emails.

    Isn’t it cool? Now you can send your emails to many people in a single go by tapping onto their contact and adding them to the group. Once you have created the group there are many exciting features that can work wonders for your office life. Moreover, once you have created the group you can edit, add and delete the contacts as per your wish.

    Here are the steps that are necessary while adding your contact in the AOL desktop group.

    From the top bar that has all the menu options just select the address book

    In the left column, there would be an option of categories. Click that.

    Click the group option that is available on the select group category

    Fill in all the details of the information required.

    And then to end this you can save it by clicking onto save button.

    For editing the contact group of AOL desktop gold mail:

    The same way you need to click on the mail and then select the address book so that your contacts open up.

    Now you will get the list of groups that you have in your mail. You can now pick and edit the group you want to

    Now hit the group option button and then select the edit group option

    Edit all the information that you want.

    Click on the save button to save all your changes successfully

    For deleting any contact from the contact group of AOL desktop gold mail:

    You will have to start the same way by clicking on the mail option, after which you should select the address book where all your contacts are saved.

    There will a list of contacts that will open in front of you

    As soon as you click on the contact in the list, there will be a few options that would come in front of you

    Click on the delete option to delete the contact from the list of the group.

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