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  • Aol Desktop Gold Download

    AOL is one of the popular Internet service providers that offer free email account access to users of other service providers. If you have shifted to a new device, there is no need to get tensed as you can easily access the existing account that allows you to retain your usernames and passwords as well as your other account settings. In this blog, you will get to know about downloading the existing AOL account in no time. In order to download Aol Gold Download for Android, it is recommended to follow certain methods which are provided with solutions below for your easy access.

    Download the latest software: Open the browser of your choices such as Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft edge and enter the address of AOL webpage. Click on ‘download for free’ and double click on the file when the download completes. Then follow the install wizard prompts to finish adding the desktop program to your computer.


    Import your information : After installation been done, you will have to enter your AOL username and password. By entering the required details you will get connected with your existing AOL account. In case your favorites do not get imported, you need to access to your previous computer to import the files. You can transfer the data by using a USB drive. You just need to save the data from other computer and import it into the new one. Click on ‘manage’ in settings of your account and choose ‘replace my favorite places with a favorite file’ navigate to USB and open the file you saved.

    Web-based AOL Access: if you tend to use an alternate web browser then you can bookmark your favorite features of AOL and visit them as needed or make AOL as your home screen of the browser.

    Disc Installation : You can also install your existing account with the help of compact disc. Insert the disk into your new computer and follow the instructions.

    By these methods, you can easily install AOL account that is existing on your new device. The processes if followed with concentration will lead to successful installation otherwise you might face various issues later.

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