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  • How do I set up my iPhone to receive Brighthouse email from my email account?

    We are in the technology age where everything is dependent on the highly sophisticated and advanced gadgets and services and Email is one of them. Emails are the vital part of every organization and business or even for an individual person. You can find our several email service providers, but Brighthouse is can separated from others due to its features and functions which it has. It can serve in many ways as sending and receiving emails as well as managing the routine calendar. Despite several emails features it is not exceptional for errors such as unable to setup iPhone to receive Brighthouse email, which you might face while using it and for that you some assistance to resolve it. To resolve this issue you have to follow the instructions which are given below and even then you failed to do so then another option is there in the form of Brighthouse Technical Support number where your issues will be resolved by the certified technicians.

    The email setup for iPhones and iPads is designed to configure your devices using IMAP.

    It is recommended for you to using IMAP settings on all devices to prevent errors.

    Steps to configure your iPhone for your email account using IMAP:

    1. To start the process you have to select Settingsfrom the home screen on your iPhone.
    2. After that, you need to select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
    3. Now you are required to chooseAdd Accountoption which is located in the Accounts section at the top of the screen.
    4. Here you can find otheroption which is on the screen listing popular email hosts so select it.
    5. Here you have to select Add Mail Accountwhich can be found By
    6. Now a screen will pop up over here and will ask to enter the following information which is important settings:
      • Name— what name you want which is associated with your account.
      • Address— You have to enter your email address.
      • Password— here you have to enter the password which is associated with the Brighthouse email account.
      • Description— This field will show your email address automatically and if you want you can change this.
    7. Now you need to just select Next 
    8. Finally, your iPhone will display the status messages during the verification process:
      • “Looking up account information”
      • “Verifying account information.”
      • After the completion of the verification process, the Email, Contacts, and Calendarsscreen will be displayed with your email address which is listed under Accounts.

    It is quite easy to resolve the issue if you will follow the steps as they are provided above in the instruction. One thing you have to keep in mind that you are required to follow the steps in a proper manner otherwise you will not be able to resolve the issues and will face some other error. If it happens then no need to worry as there is another option for you in the form of Brighthouse Customer Care Number where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue.

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