How to recover my google account

  • Smartphone has changed the way we live our life till now. We do host range of activity through the smartphone whether its using for the communication purpose, searching for the internet or emailing or downloading of apps. But we cannot imagine a host range of activity that we do on the smartphone without operating system. Operating system play a crucial role in functioning of the smartphone. One of the most popular mobile operating system that is widely used is Android.

    Get Immediate support help to fix Google Account Issues

    Android is one of the major mobile operating system in the world. It’s popularity can be accessed from the fact that it has more that 80% of the mobile market share. It is almost found on every three out of one smartphone in the world. It is made by the leading tech giant in the world i.e Google. As we all are aware about the Google, google is the biggest name in the internet which makes various Internet services whether its search engine, email service, web browser and many more. In order to access those services, User needs to have an account on the Google. But despite its popularity of the kind of services, new user does face certain problem. One of the common problem user face is google account for recovery for android. 

    Go to the Google Account recovery page through your android device.

    Then select among them is I don’t know my password.

    Further select the username and type of the username from the list.

    Again Make sure to answer the security question regarding verification of the mail.

    If the answer is correct then you need to just write the new password and then confirm it.

    But in case, if you don’t know the security answer then choose then alternate email address to the recover your account.

    Now an recovery email will be sent to your recovery email address in order to make google account recovery.

    Then user need to log in through the alternate email address and click on the recovery email address link.

    Again type the new password and then confirm it

    User can use the another alternate option like Mobile number.

    Again, User needs to type the new password and then confirm the password.

    But if situation arises and you still faces any problem regarding like Google account recovery or recover my google account password. User can take the help through their technical representative through their phone number. They have a highly qualified team which are well versed in their domain and thus help in you in fixing your problem in time.