How to Complete Fortnite Ice Storm Day 1 Challenge

  • Fortnite Ice Queen

    Epic Games has kicked off a brand new Fortnite world event that, in addition to altering the island exactly where all of the action takes areas, introduces a brand new batch of challenges to complete. If you've been maintaining a close eye on what's been taking place in Fortnite you will realize that a mysterious orb appeared lately above Polar Peak. That orb has now opened, and from within it, the Ice King has emerged.

    His arrival has also buffeted the island with an Ice Storm, which has frozen it over. An icy mist has decreased visibility and, wouldn't you know it, strange zombie-like creatures named Ice Fiends have appeared. This can be the second event of this form, the previous becoming Fortnitemares. New adjustments and enemies to take on suggests there is ample chance to throw in some fresh challenges for players, and that is just what Epic has done.

    Over the subsequent five days, new challenges will unlock in Fortnite, every one supplying 500 knowledge points for completion. Once six Ice Storm challenges are completed, players will receive a cool black and ice blue wrap. For all those that manage to finish all 13 challenges, there is a Winter's Thorn Glider as a reward. Check out the challenges accessible on day one particular below.

    fortnite ice storm challenges

    Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges:

    • Complete Ice Storm Challenges (6) -- Wrap Reward
    • Destroy Ice Fiends (250) -- 500 XP
    • Deal damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion (5000) -- 500 XP

    Ice Fiends, as well as other members on the Ice Legion, can spawn randomly, but they're also attracted towards the substantial ice crystals scattered across the Battle Royale map. Just shoot about the crystals, and you'll see a handful of various enemy varieties. You shouldn't have a lot of a problem obtaining Zombies, but, should you do, just adhere to their continuous wailing sounds to get exactly where you may need to go.

    Ice Legion: Ice Legion is the name that applies to any member with the Ice King's army. So you should be able to destroy the smaller spawning Zombies or, the bigger husks to deal 5,000 HP worth of explosive harm. Explosive weapons involve launchers, grenades, and even the Boom Box.

    Ice Fiends: Ice Fiends look like this. They're taller, slimmer and they glow. You will need to kill 250 of these with any weapon variety to finish the Ice Storm Challenge.

    Ice Brutes: Ice Brutes are the big enemies that look like this. They aren't a part of a challenge request these days, but they most likely are going to be more than the following handful of days. 

    Because the challenges ask you to kill 250 Ice Fiends as well as doing Explosive Damage to Ice Legion, it's smartest to get both challenges done at once by doing damage to Ice Fiends with explosive weapons. On paper, this challenge sounds a lot harder than it is. By just playing a few rounds of Battle Royale on the newly transformed map, you should have no problem getting it done.

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