How Can You Take Less Damage in Fortnite

  • Take Less Damage Guide in Fortnite

    Confused about how to defend yourself while in the middle of Fortnite's gunfight? It's not so complicated. Because of Frontier's simple to study but tough to master creating system, players possess an approach to protect themselves when beneath fire, and may also build structures to become used offensively, giving you the more considerable ground and upper hand more than your opponent.

    Players can occasionally uncover it difficult to defend themselves although inside the middle of a gunfight, as building new structures will imply you put your weapon away, possibly leaving you open to attack if they can hit you just before you develop. 

    Recently, Gen.G Convertible has provided a good way for players. He advises players to learn ways to efficiently strafe when taking on gunfights, as this will make it much a lot more complicated for players to hit you. Now let's have a look at the original report on the guide provided by Gen.G Convertible. Also, don't forget when you need weapons in the game, buy fortnite save the world weapons on U4GM will be a wise choice. 

    Why do we strafe?

    We strafe so that we can take fewer hits. A target that is continuously moving is more difficult to hit than a target that doesn't move at all.

    How do most people strafe?

    Most people strafe with a combination of a left or right movement. Commonly referred to as ADAD SPAM. This is effective when timed correctly. How can you do this with max efficiency?

    How Should I strafe?

    The first step on doing this with max efficiency is understanding timings. If you're strafing shotgun v shotgun, you want to strafe at around 80% of the time it takes for the re-prime of the weapon. Be careful to think about error margin.

    In a Blue Pump V Blue Pump situation, you want to strafe for .06 in the A direction, so that on the .065th timestamp, you're switching direction. I wouldn't swap strafe earlier than the .06 margin. This does not mean you go in one direction for timestamps .01-.06; this just means that once you hit the .06, you will need to swap to decrease the likelihood of the enemy hitting that shot.

    "Convertible, won't I miss my shots?" - No, you won't miss your shots because you know where you are going, he will miss his because he doesn't know where you are going.

    However, if you both don't know where you're going, then it's back to equilibrium, and the result is based on luck.

    The key point here is to identify the weapon that the enemy has, and strafe accordingly to that weapon. If it's a sniper, we know to peek right after his sniper shot and to duck right before, because players consciously do it vs snipers. Players don't consciously do it vs weapons like Deagle or AK's though and players should.

    What is effective movement?

    Effective movement is not walking in a straight line, effective movement is utilizing cover, taking advantage of builds and using those for angles, and not walking in straight lines. If you're in a hallway, and there's an enemy at the end of the hallway, if you walk at him in a straight line he's going to have a much easier time shooting you than he would if you bounced between the walls left and right. The same concept goes for open fields and approaching build battles and third parties. If you run straight at someone, no cover, it's quite easy for them to First Shot Accuracy (FSA) and hit those shots.

    Reloads / Weapon Swaps

    Reloads isn't as important when you have multiple weapons, but make sure when you take the fight you have enough ammo. Fights can be divided into two phases, the hunt and the kill.

    The hunt often refers to everything that you do that does not damage the enemy, zoning, breaking builds, trying to get an edit, build battling. Often general/fight economy is tipped during this phase of the fight, materials, ammo, or zone advantage.

    The kill refers to the time that you spend damaging the enemy.

    If you spend 29/30 shots in the hunt, and your weapon hasn't been reloaded, when you go for the kill you probably won't have much damage at hand.

    Weapon swapping is also crucial for effective hunting. Don't AR spam wood walls if you have a Deagle that can deal with it, choosing the right weapon for the right situations will help you keep your enemy player damage potential high.