'14 Days Of Fortnite' Day 6 Challenge Guide

  • 14 Days of Fortnite Day 6 Challenge

    With the arrival of Christmas, day 6 of Epic Games' "14 Days Of Fortnite" is now live, introducing new LTMs and a brand new challenge and reward. In something of a twist, the only way to complete today's challenge is if you've already completed yesterday's Day 5 challenge. Day 5 focused on flying through "five golden rings" and Day 6 is all about "six geese a-laying."

    14 Days of Fortnite Day 6 started Monday morning, Christmas Eve, plus the new festive challenge will be to "search waterside goose nests." The challenge calls for players to seek out six of them, but fittingly, there are way extra nests out there around the Fortnite: Battle Royale island. Read on for our guide, description, and map of where you need to go. By the way, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can buy Fortnite Boosting from U4GM.com.

    To start with, it really is pretty clear where you want to appear: the goose eggs are sitting next to bodies of water in the game, as the challenge indicates. They are quite straightforward-looking, and you can even see them in the air: you happen to be in search of a little nest with three white eggs in it. Here's what they appear like:

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    If you would like to complete this the old-fashioned way, just appear around the map for dark blue an try to circle it as finest you may: there are plenty of them around the map, so it really is not all that really hard to complete. If you'd like a bit help, right here are six locations to acquire the job performed, plus some extras.

    Fortnite Waterside Goose Nests Locations Guide

    In text type:

    • By the pond close to loot lake.
    • Close to the waterfall east of loot lake, towards the edge of your map
    • Down the river in the preceding egg, under the bridge and by the second tree around the riverbank
    • Within the northeastern crook of Loot Lake.
    • By Loot Lake again, within the Northwestern corner below a tree.
    • By some rocks underneath the waterfall on the southern side of Loot Lake
    • South of Viking Village, near the icy river kind of issue
    • On the southwestern side from the frozen lake where Greasy Grove employed to become
    • Down inside the desert biome inside the south in the map, towards the bottom of issues. South of one of the mesas and by a horizontal portion of the river 


    And that need to do you: you'll find lots around, so satisfied hunting. If you get them all you'll get a new Crackshot-themed loading screen and be a single step closer to finishing this suite of challenges. The reward is not pretty as impressive as yesterday's back bling, but gotta catch 'em all, so to speak.