Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 Carnival Clown Board Locations Guide

  • The challenge of Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 has arrived, you only have two weeks left to level up to Tier 100 and get the amazing werewolf skin. But prior to you get started churning through the challenges from previous weeks, you'll require to complete the newest batch. And among them is very tricky, so we've place together a guide to assist you to get it completed promptly. 


    The challenge in question is incorporated within the free section of Week 9's supplying and tasks players with finding a score of ten or much more on three distinct Carnival Clown Boards. This can be a familiar challenge format, getting been previously made use of for shooting galleries or clay pigeons. Like those challenges, the difficulty lies in locating the actual Carnival Clown Boards. As soon as you've got your eyes on them, all you might want to do activate the board and shoot the balloons as they seem about you, which can be not very tricky at all.

    So, exactly where are the Carnival Clown Boards? Effectively, we've discovered them and put their exact locations beneath. You are able to find one particular east of Junk Junction, another in the Pleasant Park's southwest corner, as well as the third around the RV park in Lonely Lodge. As an added bonus, there is a fourth a single to the northwest of Paradise Palms.

    Here's a map together with the Fortnite Clown Board locations:

    Fortnite Clown Board Locations

    • East of Junk Junction
    • Southwest corner of Pleasant Park
    • Lonely Lodge inside the RV Park
    • Northwest of Paradise Palms

    With that completed, click here if you are looking forward to a detailed guide on week 9. The rest of them are focused on either using precise weapons or stunting in automobiles. Simply because of this, you will be capable of knock them out by just playing the Battle Royale mode naturally. Keep in mind that buy Fortnite Items can save you more time if you lack items in the game.