On the defensive end

  • On the offensive end, the Golden Knights G4 shot 30 times, which is almost the same as 31 shots from the field. However, the number of shots of the Capitalists in this game has been greatly improved. The 33 shots of the audience were 10 times more than the G4's 21 shots. It can be seen that the capitalists’ problem of the poor firepower of the G4 is in the field. Improved. In terms of playing more and less conversion rate, the two sides have used more opportunities to score goals. It is worth mentioning that at the end of NHL 18 Coins the second quarter, the Golden Knight relied on more chances to score by Smith and ended the team in a row. More than 11 times fewer chances to achieve goal scoring drought.

    On the defensive end, we continued to analyze the performance of the two teams. In the face of the game's 4 times more chances, the Golden Knights only made each other score 1 goal with defensive endurance. The three goals conceded in the previous game have improved significantly. The reason is that the gold knight played less and more in the game. In the first and second quarters, the gold knight once fell into two consecutive plays and played more and more crisis, but the gold knight changed the diamonds in the game and turned to heavy defense. The left side of the team prevented the people of the capital from passing Owegokin to help him create opportunities and it worked well. Secondly, the Golden Knights in this game contributed the best series in blocking shots, and double-digit blocking shots showed their desire to improve the team's defense. However, is the Golden Knight's blocking shot in this game really helping Fryry share the pressure on the defensive end? We discuss below.