We will enjoy this special honor in four years and three crowns

  • In the finals G4 that ended earlier, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 108-85 and defended the NBA championship. After the game, Warriors Sean Livingston received an interview.

    The Warriors have reached the finals in the past four seasons and won three of their championship trophies. When talking about such a proud achievement by the Warriors, Livingston said: "I think we have created a mark that belongs to us. We can maintain stability at this level and continue to gain victory. This proves that we are a Special team. We are now at the top of the NBA. This is not an easy task. This is a very special achievement. We will enjoy this honor."

    Many players in the Warriors said after the game that this season is more difficult than in the past, Livingston also expressed his own views.

    “Everyone’s journey is different,” Livingston said. “There have been a lot of changes on the floor. Playing with these superstars in the same team, the expectations of the outside world will be higher. This year is already In the fourth year, we will enjoy everything now."

    There is no doubt that the Warriors’ ability to achieve the triple crown in four years is inseparable from the efforts of everyone on the team. When the reporter asked Livingstone, what was the reason why everyone in the team united and cooperated to make sacrifices for each other? Livingston gives a firm answer.

    "For now, for the championship, for a ring, for champagne at this moment, this is the reason." Livingston replied.

    Speaking of what kind of memories and reflections he has had over the past four years at this moment, Livingston said: "Once again, I recall the bits and pieces of the past. What's more important is my family, my loved ones. They will always support you behind the scenes, regardless of whether they win or lose, and will continuously send you love and happiness. With the passage of time, their importance will become more pronounced."

    When talking about team coach Steve Cole, Livingston's gratitude to  Cheap NBA 2K18 MT him also spoke.

    "His efforts this season are incredible. He is like our psychiatrist, our advisor, our coach, even our father, he has been playing different roles. We want to give him Tribute, he responded to all the bad things we had this season," Livingston said.

    Livingston came off the bench for 14 minutes and scored 2 points and 4 rebounds. In the playoffs this season, Livingston played for 21 games on behalf of the Warriors and averaged 6.7 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists.