Unlike competitor World of Tanks and its sister games

  • Unlike competitor World of Tanks and its sister games, which pride themselves on realism and attention to detail, War Thunder offers players a range of gameplay styles ranging from “arcade” to “full real.” Arcade mode uses simplified controls and damage models, while “full real” utilizes a much more accurate simulator-style control scheme for its vehicles and implements elements such as limited fuel and environmental hazards. Realistic game modes also utilize first-person perspective with a simulated cockpit to Buy Arcane Legends Gold  display information to the player in lieu of arcade mode’s third-person camera and traditional action game interface.


    War Thunder is currently available for testing by interested gamers on Windows and Mac PCs and plans to launch as a free-to-play title in North America just as it did in Europe. Gaijin also ported the game to the Playstation 4; the console version officially launched on June 3, 2014 and is available free of charge just like the PC edition through the Playstation Network.