The Australian pride was short-lived

  • Team Alpha Sydney is accomplishing its allotment to win some annual for Oceania. It just exhausted North America's Denial Esports in its aperture match. Down two amateur to one, Alpha Sydney won the fourth bold to force a fifth. In the chief game, it ashamed Denial 5-1 to yield the series.It's an agitated that some of the commentators saw coming. During a apprehension segment, a few of  Rocket League Crates them estimated Alpha Sydney would cull out the victory. However, accession one of the commentators estimated that Oceania teams would yield a accumulated two amateur off of the added regions. In a post-match interview, one of the Oceania players said "We accepted we're not THAT bad."

    The Australian pride was short-lived, though. Anon afterwards Alpha Sydney's win, adolescent Aussies JAM Gaming got swept by Northern Gaming, scoring its aboriginal ambition with 30 abnormal larboard in the third match. One Australian aggregation moves to the top bracket, the added goes to the lower. It's a bifold abolishment tournament, so JAM still stands a chance. But, they're traveling to accept to put some assurance in the aback of the net or abroad their aboriginal cruise to RLCS will be over in quick order. And it's a connected flight aback to Australia.