Even with a headset on

  • Even with a headset on, my hands naturally moved to the HOTAS (Hands-On Throttle and Stick) configuration that Gaijin brought to demo the title in VR: a new HOTAS WARTHOG from Thrustmaster. Mind you, much of my flying experience starts and ends with the Ace Combat series and the flight controllers that Namco brought out during the PS2/360 era. Even with the vision obscured with a headset on, maneuvering the throttle and stick took no time at all to accustomed to. Being able to see the ground below whiz by while engaging in aerial dogfights was quite enjoyable and I was convinced that a VR headset would easily be the best way to Arcane Legends Gold experience War Thunder again in the future.

    The technology, however, isn’t perfect quite yet. While the motion and animation both were on point, the visuals still leave something to be desired. VR headsets still have a long ways to go in terms of visual fidelity. A lower resolution for each eye meant that so much of the on-screen display was covered in jagged edges and some of the low resolution textures on the console can take away from the immersion. All of the important information and statistics on my flight were visible with a simple turn of the head and peering over at the right wing, which was preferable to having the front console being cluttered with gauges and information to read, but the text was difficult to read given the headset’s resolution.