In an effort to crack down on toxic players

  • But, as we've seen before, anything can happen in Rocket League and the competition is unrelentingly tough. Gale Force might be the team to watch out of Europe. It finished third in league play but has been on an absolute tear lately and has Europe's top seed. Players Kaydop and ViolentPanda both have Grand Finals experience but have never broken through; their teammate, Turbopolsa, was the substitute with the golden touch at the Season 3 LAN as he helped steer Northern Gaming to the title.It has already been an insane year for Rocket League Keys Torment, Gimmick, and Squishy. An RLCS championship seems like a perfectly fitting way to cap it all off.

    In an effort to crack down on toxic players and racial slurs being hurled around their game, Psyonix is going to be implementing a new auto-banning feature to Rocket League next week. Using the current reporting system an AI will look through the chat and see if the offender used one of the 20 words that are grounds for banning.