Beyond that are the operations themselves

  • Exactly which nations, how many, and in how complete a form? Italy has been confirmed as the next new nation coming to War Thunder, although it’s by no means the last. As Gaijin have done with all previous tech tree releases, Italy will enter the fray with only aircraft initially, with ground vehicles and boats coming much later. The Regia Aeronautica will be released to testers as part of the forthcoming 1.69 War Thunder update, the next major update since the game’s full release last year.


    The ambitious mode will feature a global map accessible through the player’s hangar that shows all ongoing military operations. All operations are divided by theatres of  Buy Arcane Legends Gold war, and each theatre of war can have a number of operations in progress at any given time.


    Beyond that are the operations themselves. These will be for commanders and are being billed as an RTS experience for the strategy-minded players - they can move armies across the map in an effort to take certain objectives, and in vying for an objective a battle breaks out involving whichever resources have been channeled towards it.