Since role play has to play

  • In addition to the “track”, today there is a group of professional cosperators who wear a professional coser. There are old-fashioned masters of Obi-Wan, and there is the piano ersuo in the outsider's number one. Of course, the most popular villain Das-dimensional It is indispensable, but the eye-catching viewer is the R2-D2 robot with almost the same appearance as the movie. However, unlike the setting in the movie, he was unable to act autonomously. A male fan in the Ivan Gattis shirt of the spaceman catcher controlled the remote through the control handle, allowing the robot to make advances, retreats, turns, etc. Action, he told reporters proudly that this robot was made by himself at home, and also opened the head of MLB18 Stubs the robot, allowing reporters to watch the internal structure, the master really hidden in the folk.

    Since role play has to play, it must be played in the end. Not only the mascot, but more than just the scene invited the coser to play the characters in the movie. On the big screen of the scene, the Astros' public relations also showed off a P-picture technology, and the home team beater P became a representative. The Jedi Knights of Justice, and when the visiting team went on the court, the hitters who appeared on the big screen turned one by one into an evil empire. Among them, the fourth rod of the Indians team and the heavy artillery player Edwin Nkanasiyon received special treatment and became the boss of the Star Wars scene. The Sis Grand Dal Sidius. Even when it is his turn to play, the scene will also ring the classic Star Wars movie soundtrack, Empire's march.