In addition to celebrating his birthday with an event

  • In addition to celebrating his birthday with an event, in July (and August) next Rocket League will modify some of its central systems and introduce a new one. Players who want to play regularly with players on other platforms will appreciate the addition of an ID system in play. Specifically, after creating a unique identifier (a name with a code) a PC player can add as a friend a console player (and vice versa) to  Rocket League Keys find each other easily and play together.

    Then, the progress system will be reviewed: removal of the level 75 limit (and additions of titles and banners at level 100) and the experience required to pass a level will now be fixed. Your current level will thus be converted during the update and passing a level will now give you objects, replacing the current random drop system. Moreover, the XP can now only be recovered by playing online and will be based on the time played, the score and various bonuses. Finally, Psyonix is ??currently working on a Rocket Pass (cuckoo Fortnite), a system that will offer several thirds of free and paid content to recover for a few months.