The summer feature update will follow in July

  • The summer feature update will follow in July / August. With a new ingame ID (example: Scarab 7777) you will be able to find friends across all platforms and create groups. The progress system 2.0 is also provided for this update. The developers remove the step restriction (75) and adjust the balance of  Rocket League Keys the entire level-up curve. From now on the level-ups will need a fixed amount of XP (the experience points will no  longer increase exponentially). Level-Ups promise an unusual, rare, very rare or "import" item (so far these rewards have been distributed "drop by drop"). From level 100 you get new titles and banners. After this update, you will only receive experience points when playing online. In addition, the experience gained will be based on additional factors (score, game time, match completion bonus, party bonus, early termination penalties, etc.).

    Last but not least, a "Rocket Pass" will soon be introduced, comparable to the "International Battle Pass" on Dota 2 or Fortnite Battle Pass: Battle Royale. With the "Rocket Pass" (running time: several months) you will be able to gradually unlock new content. The "Free Track" on a Rocket Pass (free) contains cosmetic items as well as decryptors and exclusive in-game titles, while the Premium Track can be unlocked by a one-time fee.