The other party attacked misplaced and inside well

  • In a playoff game that just ended, the Cavaliers lost to the Celtics 83-108. After this game, the Cavaliers were 0-1 behind the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. After the match, Cavaliers coach Tyron Lu received an interview with the media.

    Lu said that the Cavaliers need to look more deeply at the way the Celtics defended LeBron (James). Lu said: "I think they used two people to defend him all night and let him hand the ball to the shooter."

    Talking about the performance of the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, Lu said: "We lost."

    When it comes to failing to hit a three-pointer because of defensive or  NBA 2K18 MT  bad luck, Lu said: "We have both."

    Lu added: "We haven't played well. We know this. We know we must do better... The opponent scored 60 points in the penalty zone. It was too much, but they played a good game. ."

    Speaking of the Celtics, Lu said: "They attacked well and attacked the inside. That's it."