The Hendricks brothers are still the focus of next season

  • With the single-armed boy Shakim Griffin being selected by the Seahawks in the fifth round, the Edmonds brothers were selected by Bill and Steelers in the first round. The NFL may usher in 29 pairs of brothers in the new season. Historically, the NFL has not lacked the history of playing brothers, and the famous Manning family has dominated the league's playing field. The Hubble brothers were even coaches. In 2013, they led their respective teams to the 47th Super Bowl and the Super Bowl to the Hubble Bowl. Last season, his brother, Michael Karl-Hendricks, and his brother Eric Hendricks helped the Hawks and the Vikings respectively reach the final of Madden Mobile Account the League of Nations. The brothers once became the focus of the league, and no doubt they are on The most successful brothers of the season.


    The Hendricks brothers are still the focus of next season. First of all, they are doing well enough. His older brother, Markal Hendrix, is a key figure in the Hawks' lineup and can be said to be one of the league's top lineups. Whether he is defending a passing ball or a rushing ball, he is doing well enough. His younger brother, Eric, not to mention it, was a top scorer in the league last season. He was even eligible for the Pro Bowl in the new season. Second, their team is still competitive, the Hawks won the Super Bowl without Wentz, and the Vikings owns Cousins. It is inevitable that the offensive team will improve its strength. Their offensive team is strong enough.