Deez can bring more than just the depth of the lineup

  • Although "Crab Tree" and John Brown have been supplemented, the crow may still continue to look for the right wide receiver in the market. Perryman's injury history allows the crow to Madden Coins expand the depth of the wide receiver lineup, which also makes Baltimore. It became one of Dezi’s potential next homes. Of course, Deez can bring more than just the depth of the lineup. His Red Zone efficiency will give the crows more tactical options, and perhaps it will help the crows to retrieve St. Nicolas.


    Imagine how desperate it would be if your team faced both the Hopkins and Deze. The existence of Hopkins can help Detz attract more defensive pressure and create more one-to-one opportunities for Deez - which is what Detz is good at. The signing of Deez’s second-year quarterback DeShawn Watson for stunning performance last season is also good news. After all, looking at the league, there aren’t many teams that have such a wide receiver configuration. In the offseason, the Texas people have signed a professional bowl safety Matthew with a very cost-effective contract, and then signed the DTZ reinforcement offensive team? If this is true, I am afraid that next year the United States and South America will set off a new bloody storm.