As announced by PlayStation

  • As announced by PlayStation, Rocket League earned the top spot in 2016, a feat made even more impressive since it originally launched in the summer of 2015. What makes Rocket League‘s accomplishment even more impressive, though, is that when it launched, it was as a free PS Plus game. So, even though many PS4 owners once had access to Rocket League for free, consumers are still showing up in droves to Rocket League Keys download the game.

    When one considers how much Psyonix has supported Rocket League since its launch in 2015, its continued success should come as no surprise. Rocket League received regular content updates throughout 2016, including new cars, arenas, game modes, and much more, offering plenty of free and paid content to keep fans engaged with the game.

    If Psyonix is able to keep up the momentum moving into 2017, then Rocket League could continue topping the digital sales charts. After all, PlayStation 4’s install base continues to grow, with the console selling over 50 million units worldwide since launch, giving plenty of new consumers the chance to purchase Rocket League. With a continuously growing audience for its game, Psyonix could theoretically sell millions more digital copies of Rocket League in 2017.