Melanie coached Bayern experienced a 1-3 defeat in the first le

  • Fortunately, in the history of the Champions League, there was a lesson in the past. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) defeated Barcelona 4-0 in the first leg and 6-1 in the Barcelona buzzer in the second round. This reversal of the century even surpassed the miracle of Istanbul and the miracle of Risiat. . However, for today's Manchester City, the league's first round they beat the Reds with a 5-0 win over the Reds, but fortunately Liverpool's old opponent Krupp, the Red Army coach who doesn't like to defend himself from defeat, perhaps This is an important factor in Manchester City's second-round comeback. In addition to the spiritual strength and the atmosphere of FIFA Coins the stadium atmosphere, what should Guaya Man City do?


    Melanie coached Bayern experienced a 1-3 defeat in the first leg, 6-1 reversal of Porto's past in the second round, which can provide a lot of reference for melon Shuai. First of all, Guardiola does not need to consider the midfield controls and the absolute thickness of the defense. Four guards can consider the pair of double-backs + wing guards, Kyle Walker and Danilo hard scalp on the strong side, one side in the main On the side of the main cut; midfield, Fernandinho + Delphi double midfielder configuration thickness enough, and even consider Fernandinho + Gondoan after a series backcourt and frontcourt, give up Absolute control of the midfield, as quickly as possible.