It is almost the end of the regular season.

  • Unfortunately, the gray yoke looks much too drab against this color -- a downgrade from the navy yoke on the previous alternate. On the plus side, however, this jersey looks better with the navy helmet than the previous alternate looked with the white helmet.Nike's designers like to NHL Coins play around with diagonally oriented pants piping. We've seen that before with the Jaguars and Buccaneers. Now they've put two diagonal gray stripes on the sides of the Titans' new pants and are claiming that it represents -- wait for it -- a sword being worn on the hip.

    This is classic Nike -- a design detail that gets people saying, "Ahh!" at the unveiling event and then everyone will forget all about it by the next day. But if you ignore the sword silliness and just treat the two gray stripes as two gray stripes, they have a nice regimental look -- not bad.

    It’s almost the end of the regular season. You know what that means. It’s nearly time for players to get a long overdue summer vacation. However, certain people won’t be looking forward to that downtime. Mostly because it will be spent sipping adult beverages wondering if they could turn back time and get a mulligan on the 2017-18 season.While this season saw a ton of impressive performances and a number of breakout players, it didn’t go well for everyone.